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  Welcome to our Mindful SWFL Business Directory!
It has been a long time in the making and we couldn’t be happier with the results!
The competition for prominent search engine placement, the need for additional exposure, and the ability to build a following online have all increased!

          Here’s What MINDFUL SWFL now offers with ALL PACKAGES.

We provide advanced features for ALL levels of Business Directory listings!
We know that features and functionality are key! That’s why every level of listing
ALSO includes the ability to be reviewed and favorited by site members!

If your business reputation is great, make your listing’s visitors completely aware of
EXACTLY what your regular customers already KNOW! In addition, each listing has a special site map created for it by our SEO software, assuring Google® indexing.

Because of our integration with Google® technologies, we use the very latest GIS/GPS technology which allows pinpoint (literally) accuracy for finding your place and thereby bolstering your online presence.


    • Our introductory product is a BASIC LISTING and it includes your company’s logo. There is also a category/genre designation. Both a short and long Business Description are included, as well. An outbound link to your business website is standard, too. We include your business phone number, of course, as well as hours of operation!  Three business meta tags to bolster search engine results are (we think) a significant improvement! No additional images (excepting your company logo/logotype) are a part of this package, but we didn’t forget your Business’ Facebook® link, either! – Perfect for New Businesses! /

      $420.00/year = $1.15/day = $34.52/mo. or Finance for 12 months or 4 interest-free payments via PayPal® – Listings are 1-year term, and auto-renewable. 

    • The newest offering is an ADVANCED LISTING is for those who want more than the Basic listing offers! This package includes your company logo, category/genre, a short, and long business description.  A contextual outbound link to business website, business phone number. We also allow up to 5 business meta tags for a high-powered SEO bolster along with 3 images + logo/logotype (Lightbox) for this listing style. The Advanced listing offers a (secure) comment form, as well as Twitter® and Facebook® links to round out the feature set. – Business growing fast? Then know that going the extra mile will build trust your business followers, brand loyalists, and visitors will notice! /

      $800.00/year = $2.19/day = $65.70/mo or Finance for 12 months or 4 interest-free payments via PayPal®. Listings are 1-year term and auto-renewable.

    • Mindful SWFL‘s Premier listing is the PROFESSIONAL LISTING. It features your company logo, as well as the category/genre, it has a long business description, a contextual, outbound link to your business website, business phone number plus up to 7 business meta tags allowing this listing to bolster amazing SERP statistics, up to 4 images (Lightbox)/ embedded video link*, secure comment form, optional contact form, Facebook® & Twitter® links, and the Google® Maps API are also standard features of the Professional listing package. (*replaces 1 photo) /

      $1200.00/year = $3.29/day = $100.00/mo or Finance for 12 months or 4 interest-free payments via PayPal®. Listings are 1-year term and auto-renewable.

    Mindful SWFL
    welcomes the opportunity to earn your business! No matter what products or services you offer, Mindful SWFL has a professional marketing solution!  If you’re ready, click the button below to get started! You can also click upon the title of the listing package you prefer to add your business.

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