A proverb says that ‘The best things in our lives are free’. One of the best examples of this is water, the earth’s most abundant and precious natural resource, as well as the most important element we consume. Our bodies, including the muscles, bones, and blood all contain water. In fact, water is nearly 70% of our life force! As a vital component of our being, regular drinking of clean water has numerous health benefits! Herein are ten of the best ones we could find.

  1. Drinking water removes toxins. Drinking sufficient amounts of water is the most effective way to flush toxins from the body. Water is also required to keep the digestive tract functioning properly and prevent constipation. Water softens stools and helps in evacuation of the bowels. The function of our kidneys is also highly dependent on water. Blood urea nitrogen is a water-soluble toxin that can be flushed solely by the intake of water.
  2.  Water helps with weight loss. People who eat when they are thirsty are more likely to gain weight whereas persons who drink water prior to eating something can lose those extra pounds. Pure water has 0% calories, is a metabolism booster, and is effective in removing extra fat from the body.
  3. Water is essential for cognitive functioning. Since 90% of our brain is made of water, dehydration leads to loss of focus, ability to think, and concentration on a task. Drinking water is important to remain alert, energized and work effectively.
  4. Water is good for our skin. Water is essential for healthy, youthful skin. It replenishes skin tissues, helps in removal of dead cells, increases suppleness and moisturizes the skin thus keeping it fresh, healthy and smooth. Water decreases wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines from the skin effectively. Unlike many skin products that take months to show effect, water can make difference to the skin within a week.
  5. Water prevents headaches. Water may not be the only solution for every kind of headache, but it is a proven fact that not staying hydrated by drinking enough water leads to headaches.
  6. Water reduces the risk of cancer. Drinking plenty of water every day, keeps the digestive tract functioning smoothly which reduces the risk of colon cancer by nearly 45%. The removal of toxins and effective functioning of the bladder reduces the occurrence of bladder cancer by up to 50% among people who are known to drink sufficient amount of water daily. Keeping the body well hydrated can and will reduce risk of other types of cancers, too.
  7. Water maintains heart health. Water is known to reduce risks of heart attacks and improve the cardiac health to a great extent. Scientific research has found that heart ailment is prevalent among people who drink less than 2 glasses of water per day, whereas it is less in those who consume more than a liter of water every day.
  8. Waters prevents Cramps and Sprains. A well hydrated body does not suffer from cramps and sprains as water keeps muscles and joints lubricated, so that they function smoothly.
  9. Water regulates body temperature. Water is essential for proper functioning of cells and, also, for regulation of body temperature. Water absorbs body temperature to convert itself into sweat and evaporate, thus helping in thermoregulation.
  10. Water promotes overall good health. Water increases the immunity of the body against diseases, increases metabolism rate, distributes nutrients, protects all vital internal organs, thus increasing overall good health in a person. For this reason doctors often recommend their patients to take sufficient amount of water when prescribing medicines.
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