Very few things in life actually go without saying or can be easily understood. With that thought, we decided to elaborate on what inspired Mindful SWFL to include a storefront on our new website. We understand that a great deal of the information and knowledge we seek to impart (often) involves resources! Finding a smudge, for instance, might seem simple enough, as a quick search on any major shopping site provides myriad products from around the world. We Get It! ~ So little seems genuine or unique anymore!

Within our store, you will find products and services concentric to mindful living. We offer solutions for health maintenance, well-being, nutrition, and personal growth, as well as items for everyday use. One size NEVER fits all, and we understand that!

All of our products are carefully selected! We search for items that are unique, useful, and sometimes hard-to-find! We insist on sourcing products from within the US, preferring items from small businesses versus corporations. Finding products that are hand-crafted, local, and created sustainably weighs heavily in our selection process!

Knowing the responsibility of operating an online store is extensive, we have delivered what we believe is a ‘sustainable and renewable’ resource for our subscribers! Our products may change on occasion, as we hope that feedback will suggest new items that might also prove useful additions. Providing access to resources is what we do best!

To reassure our prospective customers, we provide a completely secure, end-to-end payment solution within our website via Square®, and, also, PayPal®. Our SSL connection is 256-bit (strong) encrypted thus assuring your payment information remains secure throughout any transaction. We also promptly email confirmation for orders placed and received plus status updates, as well.

Thank you for visiting our Store! ~ We appreciate the chance to earn your business!

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Advocate for clean water, sustainable living, renewable energy, as well as a believer in healthy living, yoga, tiny homes, and the conservation of Florida's natural resources! ~ Florida is in my HEART & SOUL!

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