As the founder and creator of Mindful SWFL, I want to take a moment to Thank You for visiting! I’d also like to let you know what you can expect to find within our site.

Over the past 10+ years in southwest Florida, we have been fortunate to work and grow close to many great people and businesses within our community! 

Mindful SWFL is the offspring of our experience. We treasure our community here, as well as those people, places and organizations that make our home unique!  

Please take a few moments and explore our site and all that we offer our community members. Hopefully, you will find that you’re (still) ‘right at home’! And Welcome Aboard!

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Advocate for clean water, sustainable living, renewable energy, as well as a believer in healthy living, yoga, tiny homes, and the conservation of Florida's natural resources! ~ Florida is in my HEART & SOUL!

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