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Certified USDA Organic – Single Estate – Ethically Sourced Tea
Light Refreshing Afternoon Black Tea
Pure Darjeeling Tea Certified by the Indian Tea Board
25 Individually Wrapped Tea Bags per Box
Low-Medium Caffeine Level, GLUTEN-FREE, GMO-FREE, VEGAN

Pride Of India brings the finest Indian tea that is organically cultivated on the fertile misty slopes of the Himalayas and carefully selected for its unique taste. Our ethically sourced single-origin tea is hand-picked, expertly blended, and sustainably packaged to nurture your health by providing essential nutrients in your diet.

Darjeeling, the Champagne of all teas, is the traditional afternoon black tea. Grown at a very high elevation, this light golden tea produces a thin-bodied and light-colored liquor with an extremely fine and pleasant muscatel aroma. A delight for your taste buds, it’s very first sip refreshes you from within and takes you directly to the calm and the quiet valleys of Darjeeling (Himalayas, India). One of the most sought after teas today, it truly is a tea connoisseur’s choice.

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Brewing Directions

Bring water to a rolling boil and add into a cup.
Add 1 tea bag for every 1 cup of hot water.
Let the tea leaves steep for 4-5 minutes to get optimal flavor & strength.
Add sweetener as per desire. Remove the tea bag and enjoy the tea.
If using a Tea Pot, add 2-3 Tea Bags per 0.75 liters (24oz) of hot water. We highly recommend using our Tempered Glass or Gooseneck Steel Tea Pots.

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12-Pack(300TeaBags), 1-Pack(25TeaBags), 2-Pack(50TeaBags), 6-Pack(150TeaBags)

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