Mindful SWFL is the evolution of the former southwest Florida website known as Greatest Cape. From early 2007 through the end of 2016, we were an existent community blog covering numerous topics concentric to life in southwest Florida. We featured news, culture, events, and lifestyle articles, as well.

Greatest Cape - All about Cape Coral

When businesses reached out with interest, we responded with the development of a local business directory. Greatest Cape utilized our presence on social media channels like Facebook®, Twitter®, and Instagram® to build our membership and community involvement.

During our years as Greatest Cape, we had the pleasure of working with The Cities of Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Lee County Parks and Recreation, The Lee County Board of Education, and many others! We were flattered to have been twice nominated for Lee County’s Visitor and Convention Bureau’s Chrysalis Award!
Chrysalis Awards logoAs local interest in health, well-being, organic nutrition, yoga & meditation, off-grid, sustainable living, and homesteading grew, we saw an opportunity to further develop the existent interest in SWFL for the lifestyle persons with these values endorse. Hence, the concept for Mindful SWFL began!

Given the extent to how much we’re changed, we believe it is also important to let our members know that in many ways, we are quite similar to our former self. First and foremost, we are ‘committed to excellence’ in all that we do! We will research and publish only what we know to be factual. We will not publish any information that is solely conjecture, speculation, or propaganda.

Secondly, Mindful SWFL welcomes the opportunity to continue helping build businesses in southwest Florida! Developing a brand presence is no small task and we take pride in assisting businesses doing (exactly) that! Hence, we’re proud to continue to offer local business listings within our own Southwest Florida-based business directory. We did take a specific focus to improve upon our previous directory, and, also, offer a new level of listing choice, as well as new and improved options. Our Storefront offers new products previously unavailable, yet relevant to and reflective of our core values!

Now, after more than 3 years in the development stages, we’ve finally arrived at what we believe provides a relaxed and satisfying experience for those persons who call our beloved corner of the state ‘home’.